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Updates #2

luke199 Owner posted Jan 29, 15

Hey there guys!


I have been working a lot in the background developing the server ready for release so seeming the last post was made in December I would like to update you with what is happening around here in the shadows.



  • The forums are officially online, you can visit it here and post away to your liking! Just follow the rules
  • You may be looking around and seeing that the theme we are using is broken in some places, report what you see on the forums to help us fix it!
  • Certain pages on the forums like donating and voting are currently not available, you will be able to view them at a later date when the server opens to the community



I have some exciting news for kitpvp such as features and things you can do,

  • Clans
    • Alliances and Enemies
      • Set alliance allies and enemies so you can dominate the land!
    • Clan Kill / Death Ratio
    • Friendly fire (Debating still)
      • Toggle if you want to spice up pvp by having Friendly fire on, or turn it off all together
    • Clan Tags
      • Set a clan tag to hover above your name and in chat
    • Inside Clan ranks
      • Set ranks to have certain clan permissions, only want veterans accessing the clan bank? make a veterans rank then allow only it to allow the clan bank
    • Clan bank
      • Store money all as a group so you can save up quickly and efficiently
    • Clan Set rules
      • Have rules set where members can eaisly access
    • Clan bulletin board
      • Upon joining the server you can set a bulletin message to display, such as 'Hey friends!' or 'You all better do good today!'
    • player leaderboard
      • Compare all players with each other to see who is doing the best, sorted by KD so who should you really fear?
    • Clan stats
      • Show all your clan members KD, Kills and deaths to see who is doing the best
    • Clan profile
      • You can view details of any clan such as KD, Members, total kills and deaths
    • Member list
      • List clan members
    • inside Player information
      • View online information of all players in your clan such as health, armor, weapon, armor and location
    • Player records
      • You can look up data of players such as Clan, Rank, KD, Deaths, Kills, Kill Type (Coming soon), Join & last seen dates, past clans and inactiveness


  • Kits
    • Kits will work on a levelling and economy scale, you need to have the correct level and right amount of money to buy a kit which you can then upgrade
    • Upgrading works by right clicking the item then selecting an enchantment which you can buy which will then stay on the item including after death


  • Bounties
    • You will be able to set bounties on players
    • Bounties work by setting a certian amount of money for a players death, is there a diamond guy running around killing everyone? set a high bounty so he will become a bigger target


  • Duels
    • It has been requested in the past and is finally being added, you will be able to duel with a player so that you can prove who is better at PVP in a set arena where no other players can pester you.


I guess you will have to wait for more features and information ;)

035921 me and 035 want the server re opened this was like .. the best ...
035921 when is the server starting back up?


luke199 Owner posted Dec 30, 14
Hey there guys!

As many of you have seen in the chat we are releasing Battlefield soon, after some discussion we have decided to work on another server which will be releasing alongside Battlefield, doing this we believe gives the server a better start allowing a PVP, Gun themed action gamemode with explosions, rotating maps, guns, attachments, explosives etc. We are also releasing alongside Battlefield our retake on KitPVP ;) Guess you will have to wait and see for what that offers.

Development within the network is going steady, we are reworking the stats system for Battlefield adding in a more efficient way of keeping data and allowing you to view your stats across the network. The forums are also up and running, I recommend you read the rules which are a global thread then get posting :P We are slowly rebuilding the site to 100% functionality, SR will be back online soon!
endrocks401 Will there be a kitpvp i can help build a map
endrocks401 What is the new server IP

ShadowRaze 2.0 (Beta and Updates)

luke199 Owner posted Dec 19, 14
Hey there guys!

Many of you who visit the forums on a daily basis will see that there are new faces around the community taking over as management and staff, This is the chance for ShadowRaze 2.0 - A brand new Minigames and Survival update coming to your server list soon!

I am the Founder behind the management and running of this network alongside CheezeTarts (Previous SR owner) and Tigerchamp34 (Other network owner), I started the project to be a completely original and unique minecraft network and that is what it is turning out to be, I have been working on the project since 18/10/2013 which I first recruited Tigerchamp34 onto the network and soon after development took off on multiple minigames, out site and plugins which the network will be using. I recently contacted CheezeTarts about working something out with ShadowRaze and the network I had in plan, we luckily caught his attention for us to take over and therefor we are here today updating the server and reworking it.

Battlefield (Minigame);
As many of you know Battlefield has been having open and closed beta sessions which are doing great because of the feedback we are getting when we need to balance weapons,  fix bugs and improve the systems the game uses, I am pleased to announce that in the coming days there will be live game servers for Battlefield going online with access 24/7 for everyone to play, alongside this the forums will be opening in the coming hours along with a rework on the donation system and website layout allowing you to start playing again.

The new staff team;
As many of you have seen there have been new faces around the community including myself,
we are the new team in place which are taking over ShadowRaze for 2.0 after it closed down a month ago, We will be updating the rules, ToS and network polices soon which will give an overview of what we expect when playing on the network, not much will be changing but I recommend you go back and read them when we post the new links on the forums for the update.

Staff list:
Owners - Luke199, Tigerchamp34 & Cheezetarts
Manager - Sam0902
Head Admin - Airwolf777

Senior Staff:
Administrators - ArianaTheHuman, TheWiggster99 & Lozlpowzah
Head Moderator - Rambo_Rowan

Moderators - _Excellent, Anton, Rockinrhino & CptKirk
Helpers - Applications coming soon

As said before over the coming days there will be live battlefield servers going up alongside the forum, watch this area and the shoutbox for updates on what is happening.

Happy gaming!

Copy And Paste The Server IP In Multiplayer!

The new server isn't up yet.
s up? Servers are down for ever?
I can't sign in. I haven't played in a long time. Seems like something'
Just read the updates on the home page and the comments, that should help!
So, I've been gone for awhile. It's nice to see a few familiar names, but other than that I've got no idea what's going on here. Anyone want to refresh me over the last several months?
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