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The mobs of ShadowRaze have stolen the Easter Bunny's eggs and he needs you to get them back!

How? Simply kill mobs (hostile, friendly or neutral), collect the Easter Bunny's eggs and return them to the chests at Warp Easter!

The more eggs collected, the bigger the reward on Sunday 20th for all! (Easter!) In order to get the biggest reward, you must work together as a community! 

For more info on the Easter Event, check out the forum thread in the Event section.

Please note: The Pre-Event is only available on the Main Survival server!

Compassionate727 Do the eggs drop from spawner mobs!
Rev_Zareh This is going to be soooo fun!

Sick of your name being boring & white? Want to add some colour to your life?
Introducing Coloured Names! You may have noticed staff with their red staff tags (which also show up on Tab), now you can get one of your very own for $10 either on Main Server or the PvP server! 

Choose from the following colours:

Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark Aqua
Dark Purple
Dark Grey
Light Purple

I apologize for those horrendous examples of the Minecraft colours. Anyway..If you donate for a colour before the end of April, you can choose one of the following effects for free to go with your colour!


Example of HeadAdmin Narrr with Light Purple, Aqua and italics! 


If you wish to donate for one of these colours, please go to the Main Shop donation page and on the left is our Custom Donations box. Simply add in the $10 amount and that's it! Let a member of staff know and we'll apply your colour & style asap! (Please note, if your name is longer than 16 characters this will not work for you due to how minecraft works! Sorry for any inconvenience caused)

UrNotJ / ~Halo To clarify, it has to all be one style/color, right? You can't switch the colors mid-name like a custom tag or a /nick?
Xualiachi @ Main server
dat pink <333
DAOXIS Could you give a link? Also, when I go to the custom donation box, it doesn't let me chose my color. Help?
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* Helios23 = 4 Months but is already Elite so will be given $25K ingame cash!
* Blazing_Leaf = 4 Months but is already Benefactor so will be given $25K ingame cash!

Top Voters will now only be given to those who reach the 150+ mark per month!

Thank you to all the voters this month! :)

boy666666 how to vote
davethewave13 jakethesnake13
davethewave13 How do I give my rank to my brother?
ooopp..nope, just me
Still down?
omg Mojang! Another update? That is like 3 within a week...
This shoutbox is amazing :3
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