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Extra Homes

♥ Lady Scarlet ♥ a posted Aug 12, 14

Not enough homes for all your creativity? To lazy to walk to places and wish you had a home there? Now you can! Read below:

Up to 20 Homes!

Up to 50 Homes!

The total number of homes includes the ones you have now! To donate for these homes, simply to go our donation page and on the left you will see the "Custom Donations" box (Don't forget to log in to the site). Just type in $10 or $25 and follow the instructions as usual. Inform a member of staff in-game and we'll add your permissions for you and ta-da! More homes! (This is for Main Server Only!)

polly_poo I think it's my computer but i can't go on minecraft. I have viruses and bugs and minecraft won't work, but I love this ...
~Ltgecko~ This is Just for Main right?

Due to all chests being filled with Ice Cubes, the biggest prize has been made available. To get this prize, log into Main and type /kit summerheat  - PLEASE make sure your inventory is empty as some items will not stack and spill onto the floor! Lost items will not be replaced!

Tired of the summer heat? Too sticky to do anything and sick of having an energy level in the negatives? Us too! So join us for a Beat the Heat event from 5th-31st July! 

Ice Cubes!
Find Ice Cubes as drops from all mobs and exchange them for delicious cocktails or add them to the chests at Warp Summer! The more chests filled, the bigger the prize for the ENTIRE server at the end of the event! Work together to get the biggest prize! 

6 Cocktails will be available in exchange for Ice! Strong cocktails will cost 8 Ice each or their weaker watered down versions will cost 3 ice each! 
The strong cocktails carry level 50 enchantments and last 10 minutes, while the weaker cocktails carry level 5 enchantments but last for 30 minutes! For each cocktail, read on:

Martini: Speed, Water Breathing, Health Boost & Resistance.
Mojito: Night Vision, Haste, Fire Resist, Instant Health
Pina Colada: Jump Boost, Absorption, Strength, Regeneration

Ice Chips! 
Little ice chips will be dropping too from mobs which you can open and find many random things from blocks of grass, spawn eggs to beacons! 

Good luck and happy hunting! :)

ALSO - To celebrate PVP's 2nd Birthday! There is 25% off ALL ranks! Use code: SALE

AlwaysBenHeck Love The Rainbow Armor You get from /shiny!
Ang3lusmortis I love the community-team idea. I'll certainly be happy to contribute whatever ice cubes I get to the chests. Stay fro ...
~Ltgecko~ Dope~

Summer Lovin'

♥ Lady Scarlet ♥ a posted Jun 19, 14

It's time for our Summer Lovin' event! 

To celebrate our Summer Lovin' event which will run from 19th June to 1st July, we're adding a few things to our Main server! A new set of epics to collect and swap, bundles of love drops and a new plugin to get married (for fun!)! Read on below for more info!

New Epics:
Collect the 6 books and hand them in for a bigger epic or just keep them! You have until the event ends to collect these and turn them in! 

Bundles of Love!
These little bundles will drop from hostile mobs that spawn naturally in the world! They contain random things! 

Yup! You can now get "married" on the main. What do you mean, I hear you ask. Well it's more for 
convenience. You get to set an extra home - A marital home - for the two of you to share! Perfect if you live with a friend! You can TP directly to your partner without the TP delay. You can gift them things! You also have a 2x Health Regain when near your partner and you also get 2x bonus Xp when near your partner - giving you more incentive to work together! 

How do I get married?
To get married, you're going to need a member of staff or a Builder+. These are the only assigned "Priests" on the server.
You'll then need to be in close range of your desired partner (under 50 blocks).
The priests will then be able to perform the ceremony. Once you are prompted on screen to accept, simply type /marry accept and wait for your partner to do the same... Then Ta-da! You are partnered! Read below for commands and prices of things!

Marriage commands:
/marry <playername> <playername> - This is for priests to be able to marry 2 players.
/marry divorce <playername> - This is used by priests to divorce a partnership. Please make sure both people are in agreement before you divorce as the marital home will be lost.
/marry sethome - This will set your shared marital home!
/marry home - This will teleport you to your marital home.
/marry gift - Hold an item in your hand and type this command to send it to your partner!
/marry kiss - Just for fun! (Must be within 3 blocks)
/marry tp - Teleports you directly to your partner without the waiting time! 
/marry list - See all the "happy couples" on the server

$150 - To get married.
$1,000 - To get divorced.
$100 - To TP directly to your partner.
$1,000 - To set your marital home.
$75 - To send your partner a gift.
$50 - To teleport to your marital home.

Please remember that this is just for fun! It's not serious. You're not married in real life. Minecraft is a game. :)

ARMANT05 rainbowcreep5000 i hear u i got the same thing from MH_ here is what my ban screen said nahhhhhhhhhhhh advertis ...
rainbowcreep5000 at the hub on shadowraze, all i said was that i was going on mineplex because the server portals crashed. exact words: & ...
theragemage hey my friend hodgsona got banned for no reason and it has been a year now is there any way u can unban him from the ma ...
Microsoft just bought Minecraft. Here's to hoping my favorite game doesn't get ruined :/
If you want to see skins change your minecraft client to 1.7.5 :)
is the server working for anyone? its all messed up for me
LOL \/
*muffin noises*
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